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given by Sir Perjes on 24/11/2014

Very good!

Hello,This is the best opportunity I every had. My flight was 2 years ago and EUClaim arranged everything. I uploaded the required files and the hole process was 4.5 months.I recommend this company.
United Airlines, Inc. - UA51 - 16-09-2012 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Bakker on 20/11/2014

Clear correspondence and quick reply

Recomended service
Adria Airways - The Airline of Slovenia - JP108 - 29-08-2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Stephen Robinson on 19/11/2014

very proffesional and informative

My compensation payment was received today, for the disruption causedon our return trip from Ambers and Richards Wedding in Santorini in July 2013 there was were no long forms just factual in formation and boarding passes etc required, I gave the claim to BOTT and Co Aviation Specialists Solicitors Just enter your claim details and leave It to them no win no feereasonable charges and no letter writing.
Easyjet - U28766 - 10-07-2013 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by SirMadam Routledge on 17/11/2014


It took a few months longer but worth the wait.
Easyjet - U26417 - 17-04-2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Ian Menzies on 14/11/2014

Dont hesitate - sign up

I was sceptical about the whole process but EUclaim Bott have been diligent, tenacious and efficient. I would use them again.
Easyjet - U25056 - 01-07-2009 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by SirMadamMedler on 14/11/2014

Takes the hassle away

If we had been claiming this ourselves it is quite likely we would have given up as it is such a long winded process.
Monarch Airlines - ZB1922 - 08-06-2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by SirMadam Ivanovska on 04/11/2014

You just need to submit the docs and the job is done! The refund comes almost automaticly!

You just need to submit the docs and the job is done! The refund comes almost automaticly!
Wizz Air Hungary - W67716 - 06-12-2013 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Nicholas Ball on 04/11/2014

Another great review for EU Claim!

A familiar story - flight delayed (10 hours!!!) - airline dont entertain paying compensation in line with the law (though they were very polite, it was Lufthansa fyi). - I got in touch with EU Claim. - did some very easy paperwork (provided flight info and signed back a POA). - A few weeks later money was in my account.I can see why they have a 97% success rate - Lufthansa didnt even contest it, just paid up.Good communication, good service and a nice result. Another happy customer!
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH730 - 19-07-2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Len Jones on 02/11/2014

Good service with a pleasing result

Bott Co have acted well on our behalf, keeping us very well informed throughout each stage of our claim, ending with a very pleasing result.
Easyjet - U23112 - 19-05-2013 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Alan on 02/11/2014

Would recommend Bott and co to deal with flight delay claim

Bott and co dealt with my claim in a very professional way, my only concern was the fact they did not always answer my emails.But the final outcome was a very positive experience and would recommend them to anyone...
Easyjet - U27259 - 12-04-2014 (Flightdate)
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Customers give EUclaim a score of 9.4 out of 10, based on 314 reviews on

Very good!

TrustPilot rating
Hello,This is the best opportunity I every had. My flight was 2 years ago a...

Clear correspondence and quick reply

TrustPilot rating
Recomended service
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