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TrustPilot rating
given by Sir Duchet on 21/08/2014

Good job

Good Company and good job
Condor Flugdienst GmbH - DE4377 - 14/02/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Dr. Starremans on 21/08/2014

Perfect solution to dealing with arrogant airlines

Just a bit of back groundregarding my interactions with EUClaim. Having suffered a 15hr delay with my family (including two toddlers) coming back from my vacation I contacted the airline to ask for reimbursement according to the European guidelines. I got an automated email back that my request was under consideration and it could take up to 2 weeks before they processed my request...3 months later I contact them again and get absolutely no response to any of my emails using the case number I had received.If they had given me a polite response with an apology (or a voucher) I would have been inclined to let the matter rest, but being ignored I found extremely rude. I started looking into alternative options, which landed me with EUClaim. At this point it was not about time or money for me, merely to make the airline pay for ignoring its customers.Interaction with EUClaim was smooth, professional and fast (at least as fast as legal issues can be resolved) and they proceeded to contact the airline (only to be ignored as well I presume) and then subsequently went to court. The court found the airline at fault and forced them to settle.For me it was straightforward and not too much hassle at all, questions were promptly answered by EUClaims team and correspondence updates were shared in timely fashion. I would use them again if needed (though to be honest I hope I wont be in need of such services again).
Condor Flugdienst GmbH - DE6807 - 28/09/2013 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by SirMadam Delgado Sanza on 21/08/2014

rapido y buen servicio

Un gran descubrimiento Euclaim, muy satisfecho con su servicio
Lan Airlines S.A. - LA704 - 29/05/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Michael S on 20/08/2014

Great help!

We had a flight delay and EUclaim helped to get the appropriate amount from the airline. Without them we would have gotten nothing. I would not have been able to pursue this on my own (time, resources, unfamiliar and unwilling to go to court, etc.).Their process is really simple and requires little paperwork, which is what I was also impressed with.In summary Easy to use, good service, great result!
Air Canada - AC845 - 01/01/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by SirMadam Haapalahti on 20/08/2014

Very efficient and quick action.

The claim was easy to make and I was surprised how quickly and effortlessly it all went in the end. The only minus side was that some of the communication was in German which I don`t understand that well.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH848 - 03/07/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Innsbruck on 20/08/2014

Great and fast service

I contacted Euclaim the first time at the beginning of July and at the beginning of August I had already the refund on my bank account. I thought first it will take at least two month but EUclaim was really fast with my claim. They up dated me all the time so I could see how my case is improving. I recommend EUclaim with no hesitation. A big THANK YOU to EUclaim.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH507 - 10/04/2014 (Flightdate)
Reviewed on 20/08/2014

Fast, helpful, but with some caveats.

Every time I have contacted EUclaim they have been helpful and friendly. However, my experience has not been smooth because I entered banking information, removed it immediately, and they proceeded to use the removed information. The result has been a painful trail of phone calls to my bank, chats with EUclaim, and still not having my money. Again, EUclaim settled the claim fast, and has been unfailingly polite, but this shortcoming of their system really caused me a lot of problems.
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG - AB7454 - 21/06/2014 (Flightdate)
Reviewed on 20/08/2014

Your treatment of the case was satisfactory. I only found your fees far too high.

No more comments
Eurowings GmbH - EW7744 - 23/06/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by A Hussain on 18/08/2014

first class service. dealt with everything on my behalf promptly.

When I tried claiming against monarch airlines 3 years ago they said I couldnt claim due to exceptional circumstances, even after the flight had been delayed for 18 hours. They did put my family and I up in a hotel for a few hours and provided food vouchers. But even after this we still lost a day of our Florida holiday. .I bit the bullet and put the experience behind me. That was until I contacted Bott and Co. Once I sent them my flight details they replied quickly and told me that if successful I would be entitled to a significant payment. . They dealt with everything via email and less than 2 months later I received approx £1000 for the 3 passengers. .They kept me informed all the way and I cannot praise them enough. . Highly recommended.
Monarch Airlines - ZB302 - 17/06/2011 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by SirMadam Platton on 16/08/2014

great sevice

after our 6hrs delay out of orlando may 2013,contacted euclaims and bott and co.from day 1 the people and service and updating me with info was excellent ,,it did take awhile for us to receive our compo,but thanks to bott and cos dedication it paid off..thanks again bott nd co.and euclaims
Thomas Cook Airlines - MT123 - 02/05/2013 (Flightdate)
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Good job

TrustPilot rating
Good Company and good job

Perfect solution to dealing with arrogant airlines

TrustPilot rating
Just a bit of back groundregarding my interactions with EUClaim. Having suf...
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