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given by MadamYilmaz on 17/04/2015

Awesome EUClaim 👍🏻

Its just great experience with EUClaim. I can strongly recommend this service, 100% success!!!
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH1304 - 14/10/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Sir/MadamStrümke on 16/04/2015

good way of getting help

The site is a little complicatet to use if you have more than one flight to claim for and it is not very easy to find where to fill inn the required info.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KL1926 - 07/03/2015 (Flightdate)
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given by Søren Drud Nielsen on 13/04/2015

Excellent!! They did what no other could do.

I tried other ways before EUclaim, but it failed. At last I but the case with them and even though it took 7-8 month I got the Money. The time delay was due to the Airline trying to drag the case. I am satisfied
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH842 - 24/03/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Sir Alex B on 31/03/2015

Best service possible

When I first send my claim to EUclaim I was a bit in doubt about the outcome but they made me be more aware of the fact that they are serious when I saw that they have contact with the airline and try to solve my claim , it took a bit of time but it definitely worth waiting ! I don't have any negative points to give 10/10 ! I recommend EUclaim to everyone that want justice and a good service!
Arkefly - OR257 - 19/07/2014 (Flightdate)
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given by Richard Rapley on 25/03/2015

Fantastic Service. Try it yourself.

This excellent review is not only given due to the very satisfactory outcome to my claim but because of the superb on-line service and communications from the first submission of my claim to the successful result and transfer of funds to my bank account. Many people say why use a claims company when you could make the claim yourself? My reason was simply the fact that I could not be bothered to go through all the communications, initial rejections and delaying tactics even though I had a genuine grievance against the airline due to a long delayed flight. I think that many people would feel the same way and whilst of course there is a charge deducted from the claimed amount it appears to me to be fair and reasonable for the work carried out. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending EU claim for their professionalism and would certainly use them again if I should experience unacceptable delays on future flights. I would add that I have a previous claim against an airline outstanding with another flight claims company not yet brought to a satisfactory outcome and they have not shown anything like the degree of professionalism shown by EU claim.
British Airways - BA2166 - 15/10/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Bala Azhagappan on 17/03/2015

defenitely worth going by Euclaims

Eventhough the whole process took nearly an year, Euclaims team was very responsive, transparent and reliable.
Air India Limited - AI120 - 30/01/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Paul Van Der Voet on 16/03/2015

excellent services and results,thanks

after lodging our details with EUclaims in regard to our delayed flights all we had to do was sit back and wait for final result, everything was painless and the communication from EUclaim was excellent. we would like to thanks the staff of EUclaim for getting this result,THANKS once again.
Malaysia Airlines - MH19 - 07/01/2015 (Flightdate)
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given by Jelena MB on 06/03/2015

Quick and eficient

My husband's flight was 7 hours delayed and the company claimed that he has no compensation rights except for a sandwich. EU Claim managed to provide us with 180 euros in less than 2 weeks
Wizz Air Hungary - W63532 - 19/12/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by M Taylor on 05/03/2015

Slow with an unreasonably high commission!

Took 7 months end to end with lots of prompting and chasing on my part! The amount of work I put in I Should have done it myself to get a more swift payment and more compensation! Will not be using this company again. I feel ripped off!
British Airways - BA2276 - 28/08/2014 (Flightdate)
TrustPilot rating
given by Shane on 04/03/2015

Hassle Free, Good Communication - I definitely recommend.

The process was very easy to initiate. I decided to use EU Claim through Bott & Co. after a failed claim myself. The process took just under 2 years. But this was out of EU Claims hands. It was due to on going court cases that would affect the Airlines decision in settling claims. They kept me up to date throughout the claim and communicated any delays/progress. Throughout the claim, I had to do very little, so I was happy to pay the commission. The rates are very fair and they give you a much better chance of receiving any payment. I was emailed saying the airline has agreed to settle the claim on 17th February and have just received full payment today. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who doesn't have the time/knowledge to claim themselves.
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Awesome EUClaim 👍🏻

TrustPilot rating
Its just great experience with EUClaim. I can strongly recommend this servi...

good way of getting help

TrustPilot rating
The site is a little complicatet to use if you have more than one flight to...
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