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given by Mr Machaqueiro on 16/04/2016

Excellent work!

The service was excellent, quick, people were available to questions! The communication was really important!. Thank you!
Delta Air Lines, Inc. - DL125
TrustPilot rating
given by Mr/MrsMorino on 15/04/2016

It works

EUclaim helped me to receive the money (250 euros) that lufthansa had to pay in respect of the Rights of the Passengers. I tried on my own and lufthansa bounced me back and refused to cooperate. With EUclaim I ve got all the necessary support in a well organized way. I ve been updated from time to time and I finally received the money. Super!
Lufthansa Cityline GmbH - CL304
TrustPilot rating
given by Mr on 15/04/2016

Excellent service!

Excellent service
Portugalia Airlines - NI652
TrustPilot rating
given by Mr/Mrs Gllava on 15/04/2016

Excellent service.

I am very much satisfied with your service. Efficient and reliable. Well done!
Corendon Dutch Airlines - CND496
TrustPilot rating
given by Mr/Mrs Georgieva on 08/04/2016

Excellent service

Thanks to EUclaim, I received my flight compensation from Air Malta. I am very happy that I chose EUclaim and I have been compensated accordingly.
Air Malta p.l.c. - KM395
TrustPilot rating
given by Miss Jansen on 30/03/2016


EUclaim have gained my trust. I have been kept up-to-date with information about the status of my case throughout the whole process. This have shown openness from EUclaim's side and that I can trust them with the handling of my case. - JAF121
TrustPilot rating
given by Mr/MrsMania on 30/03/2016


EUclaim helped me to receive compensation for delayed flight. I have experienced great and dedicated service. Also the compensation was higher than I excepted. Highly recommended! - JAF121
TrustPilot rating
given by Mr/MrsTarassov on 30/03/2016

high proffesionalism!

Hello, extreamly high proffesionalism, great communication, well done!!!! suggest others to prefer EUClaim
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH500
TrustPilot rating
given by geroge baxter on 26/03/2016

Flight delay Tenerife

Got in touch with Euclaim by e-mail. When they got in touch I found it easy to follow their instructions. Passed all my flight details they requested I submitted the claim in July 2015 and it took until March 2016 before I got a settlement. Euclaim kept me up to date on what was happening,but worth the weight. I have gust been in formed that the air line was taking to court and we received 800 euros. Euclaim charge 27% and £ 10 handling charge. But I was pleased with the services as I had tried for years to take on Mon air line. George Baxter
Monarch Airlines - ZB286
TrustPilot rating
given by Lars on 22/03/2016

Absolutely Excellent

I would highly recommend EUCLAIM to anybody looking at getting money back from an airline. My dad asked me to work with them on his behalf as he was on a delayed flight by Ryanair and didn't even know he was entitled to compensation. They literally do all the work for you. When you first sign up they do send you a fair amount of paperwork- power of attorney and what have you, however once you fill all those in and send them back that's your work done. You occasionally get an email updating you on the process of your claim. All the way through they were very quick in replying and only took about 2 months to get the money from Ryanair. Thanks Euclaim. If I ever have a problem with an airline again I'll definitely use your services again
Ryanair Ltd. - FR2817
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The airline never answered my emails or calls. EUclaim did its job perfectl...

Great job!

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