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given by Mr Francesco on 16/06/2016


They process your claim in your behalf quickly.
Eurowings GmbH - EW115
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given by Mr Goncalves on 15/06/2016

4000 Euros = 516 Euros Compensation # 2 years waiting

I want to thank EUClaim for all, but very desapointed when took 2 years to recover 516 euros in 4000 thousand i spend. In same flight some persons received 80% back of the money in only 1 month. But at least i get back some cash, thank you EUclaim. Great job
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KL1697
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given by Mr Furudahl on 14/06/2016

Good work, fast and easy

Fantastic work by EUclaim, a well-oiled and smooth clockwork of lawyers ... and i got my money very fast. The information was easily accessed through the web. Thanks :)
TuiFly GmbH - X32797
TrustPilot rating
given by Matt on 07/06/2016

Definitely worth it for airlines that will fight like Ryanair

If you do not have the time or energy to go through the hassle of making a claim yourself then EUclaim is 100% worth it. You give them all of the information and they handle it all for you. Trying to get money out of Ryanair is like trying to get blood from a stone and the whole process took over a year. I just handed it to EUclaim and forgot about it so the cheque I received in the post was a very welcome surprise. One issue is that Ryanair chose to pay me directly and of the £264.22 cheque I received, EUclaim then invoiced me for £152.96 which included court fees, admin fee and their 27% commission. They said that the €250 compensation amount was equivalent to £179.22 and yet the €25 admin fee they charged me was £19.57 Seems they will try to give you a terrible exchange rate each way
Ryanair Ltd. - FR587
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given by Pierre Coutet on 02/06/2016

euclaim are for easy money, accept lies; fight nothing

I booked a tour of turkey with a company called a secret turkey. I and some eight others on this tour left from bhx , birmingham airport ; UK in yhe last week of January 2016. The weather was fine here. A day before travelling I was informed that I had been booked on a much later flight meaning that I weould not see Istanbulin the day nor meet the other persons on the tour that were travelling that day from the uk from various other airports; at least 4 different u.K airports. I was told it was because of snow/bad weather. Therefore none of the uk flights should have gone to Istanbul in the early morning. This was not the case. Onluy Birmingham travellers got there late at night. The so called bad weather was a lie. The other people on the tour had a good laugh. They had all arrived early. Next day when we woke up there were some minor traces of ice patches in the shade but no covering of snow. just black ice in the shade. Even though our Birmingam plane left with morning and afternoon passengers in the same plane, the plane= a turkish airlines plane was not full. I put the matter in the hands of euclaim to my detriment. They work very slow. i complied with all their requests and eventually the airline wrote to them with the same lie about bad weather. They accepted this automatically and notified me that my case was terminated. How hard is it to find out the flight numbers from other uk airtports to Istanbul on the morning that I flew and to establish that all the early flights took off and landed o.k.. Euclaim believed that the bad weather is Istanbul was known for next day and would only affect flights leaving from Birmingham . Planes from other airports were not going to be affected by bad weather when flying to the saqme airport. ha ha! Seems to me that if writing a letter doesnt get the airline to capitulate, this euclaim accepts the flimsiest lie from an airline as gospel truth. Fighting costs. Getting a surrender gets them a percentage. Anybody who got money from an airline using these clowns would have got their money by writing to the c.aa themselves and got their entire amount without losing any percentage to these jokers.
Turkish Airlines Inc. - TK1968
TrustPilot rating
given by Tina Eccleston on 01/06/2016

Excellent Service

I never knew about this right to compensation, but after my BHX-JFK flight with American Airlines was cancelled, we were advised to try and make a claim. So... I did..... after 5 months, the money is now in my bank. I think AA pushed it to the very last warning communication before admitting liability. Communication from EuClaim was fine, I was updated each time a communication was sent. I cannot fault them. So I claimed for 2 passengers 1200.00eur. With fees and exchange rates, I received £600 back which is better than nothing and cheaper and less hassle than trying to do myself. I will definitely use EuClaim again, in the unfortunate eventuality of being delayed in the future
American Airlines - AA131
TrustPilot rating
given by Craig on 01/06/2016

Compensation Claim Received

Initially I tried to claim against a delay on Monarch airlines. They wrote back refusing my claim (with lies.) I decided to use EUclaim as I thought I had nothing to lose and couldn't be bothered with the battle. It took them over a year - but they got it. Very happy as Monarch refused to deal with me directly. They have earned their commission and I now have nearly £600 that I didn't expect to get.
Monarch Airlines - ZB742
TrustPilot rating
given by Ilja on 31/05/2016

It took 4 months, but finally I got it!

It took some time, but I want thank you to EUClaim Team to refund me for delayed for 10 hours flight!
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH500
TrustPilot rating
given by Ullmann on 30/05/2016

Highly recommendable

Well I was at 1st a bit hesitant to use EUclaim but after my experience with them I can highly recommend everyone out there to use their service as they are very professional and on top sorted everything very quickly with the airline + I got my compensation. Well not the full amount but still worth it.
LOT - Polish Airlines - LO382
TrustPilot rating
given by Nina camilla Kumpula on 16/05/2016


Very Good you dont have to do anyrhing apart from sending in ur travel details it took some time until i got money back and they take a pretty high chargé but all Good otherwise Will definitly use euclaim again
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG - AB6577
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i'm surprised that i wont get the 600 …

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i'm surprised that i wont get the 600 euros... "EU regulation 261/2004: you...

great job

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great job! good communication, efficient and saves time!
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