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given by Neil Macdonald on 18/12/2016

EU Claim

In 2013 along with my daughter I flew to South Africa with Lufthansa for a safari holiday in Botswana. We planned to have one day in Johannesburg however the flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg was delayed by 12 hours due to a toilet overflowing in one of Lufthansa newest and biggest planes. So we lost our day in Johannesburg. I requested compensation from Lufthansa in 2015 and quoted EU law to them in relation to compensation after a few e mails the agreed to pay my daughter and myself 600 euro each.(still have the email) That was the last I heard from Lufthansa and the money they promised. Lufthansa's treatment of our complaint showed complete lack of respect for their customers. Tried to e mail Lufthansa and then wrote a letter and tracked it to their customer services office but they refused to communicate in any manner with me As a last resort in October 2016 handed the complaint to EU claim and by December had the money in the bank. I was amazed at how quickly EU claim managed to resolve this claim.
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH572
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given by Dmitry Gorbunov on 14/12/2016

Better service then my Airline

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude towards this company and everyone working there. To keep it short and simple, I must say that the whole process from the 1st touch to receiving the payment was very simple, 100% seen-thought and very pleasant thanks to an amazing customer service provided by Andrea. Definitely recommending this service to anyone willing to deal with airlines. Thank you again!
Vueling Airlines S.A. - VY8407
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given by Mr Posch on 05/12/2016

Why not get the money back that you deserve?

It was so easy and I am completely satisfied with the results. I have had more than my fair share of delayed flights, and now I know it'll be free as long as I use your service. That makes it hurt a little less to get stuck in an airport! And to be sure, everyone on my next delayed flight will get a free advertisment about you from me.
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG - AB8403
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given by Mr/Mrs Hlushak on 18/11/2016

Great job

We are from Belarus and we have never used before such service. I got my claim after 2 months and the money was in my bank account. Highly recommended!
Wizz Air Hungary - W68033
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given by Klant Bastiaans on 17/11/2016

Great service

Ik never heard of the possibility by EU claim. They are very helpfull and at last we have got a payement of our flight delay. We are very thankfull!
Vueling Airlines S.A. - VY8336
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given by John Parr on 15/11/2016

Top service!

EUClaim took all the hassle out of dealing with the airline. The process took quite sometime but EUClaim sent me an update every so often, keeping me in the loop. Would highly recommend!
Deutsche Lufthansa AG - LH941
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given by Mr/Mrs Lee on 15/11/2016


Was simple and straightforward
Emirates - EK150
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given by Mr/Mrs Salerni on 15/11/2016

Great service, I will suggest Euclaim to all my friends

I have never used before such service, but after two delayed Vueling flights in a row, I was determined to get the refund I deserved. At first I tried to contact Vueling, but tehy did not even reply to my first emails. Then I discovered EuClaim, which turned out to be reliable, quite fast, and tremendously effective.
Vueling Airlines S.A. - VY8436
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given by Bob Adams on 14/11/2016

Excellent service and great result

We were delayed for hours by the airline with no information as to the cause of the delay being given while we waited. Having contacted the airline ourselves for compensation we were, after many weeks, informed that they were not liable for a payment. EUclaim could not have been more helpful. The website was extremely easy to use to upload all the documents, communication as to the progress of the claim was excellent and best of all we received our compensation claim after a few weeks. The charges were well worth while as I am sure that without EUclaim we would not have had any success.
Norwegian Air Shuttle A.S - DY5164
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given by Mike C on 10/11/2016

Easy as can be.

My flight was cancelled due to "technical reasons" and was put on the first flight the following day. Hotel, transportation and food expenses where all taken care of by the airline, and they considered that it was enough. I entered my details here, answered a few questions, and a few months later I received notice that my case had won, and the compensation was transferred to my bank account the next day. The airline rejected EUclaim's first attempt so it was then taken to another step involving lawyers and so on before my case was won. All I had to do was sign a letter giving the attorney authority to handle my case and that was the end of it. I certainly could not have done this myself, so the percentage that EUclaim takes is definitely worth it.
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG - AB8247
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Was your flight cancelled or delayed for more than three hours? Or did you miss your connection? Then you may be entitled to a compensation up to €600 (£520*). EUclaim can give you the right advice based on our extensive database of flight information, airport information and weather data. 

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