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Reviewed by Fam. Janssens on 02/05/2013

Cancun - Amsterdam

We have received the compensation on our bank account. Thank you very much!
Martinair - MP 640
Reviewed by J. Stuiver & T. Zuiderveld on 02/05/2013

Amsterdam - Dubai

We are very satisfied by the handling of our claim. We only had to provide a few documents (all digitally, which is great!), and you did the rest. We received ¤ 800,-. We could never have done this ourselves. Thank you!
Emirates - EK 148
Reviewed by V. Broeke on 29/04/2013

Aruba - Amsterdam

Because of your work, ArkeFly finally paid the compensation we are entitled to. It concerns a claim from October 2008 (!). I don't think I would, without your help, have had the courage and time to continue with this claim. Thank you.
ArkeFly - OR 362
Reviewed by M. & J. van Geel on 29/04/2013

Miami - Amsterdam

Thank you for handling our claim. We are very happy with the result. We will recommend EUclaim to friends and acquaintances who also want to file a claim. Thanks again.
TAP Portugal - TP 112
Reviewed by W. Wiersma on 29/04/2013

Amsterdam - Las Vegas

It took blood, sweat and tears (and a lot of e-mails). The airline's initial response made us decide to fly with other airlines in the future. Only after threatening with a legal procedure and the media did they decide differently. That does not change the fact that we would have wanted to spend the extra day in Las Vegas that we now missed. Thank you for your interference. I wish you and your colleagues success and good luck with your work. We know from experience how hard it is to obtain compensation.
British Airways - BA 435
Reviewed by S. Lilley on 26/03/2013

London - Ft. Lauderdale

I am impressed that this claim is still being pursued. Very impressive letter to US Airways - many thanks
US Airways - US 733
Reviewed by E. Pot on 18/03/2013

Mombasa - Düsseldorf

Thanks a lot for the good work. And yes, we will make a note at the site you mention, because we are ‘zufrieden Kunden’
Air Berlin - AB 7361
Reviewed by B. Hickling on 07/03/2013

Johannesburg - Manchester

thank you eu team for all your work on our case from johannesburg to manchester i dont think we could have managed on our own your hard work gave us 800 euros so pleased once again thank you betty & barry ps keep up the good work you are doing for all the passengers who claim with your firm many thanks
Air France - AF 995
Reviewed by D. Atkings on 25/02/2013

Birmingham - Amsterdam

Good Morning As you are aware, my son has finally received some compensation for his flight which was cancelled back in May 2010. Although I tried to retrieve this compensation myself, particularly since I had spent my entire working life in various forms of the aviation industry my efforts (due to the 'bloody mindliness' of BMI Baby) were all in vain. Thanks to an article in the June 2011 Consumentengids I found out about your organisation. Thanks to your efforts and persistence you have managed, with the assistance of the courts, to get some compensation out of British Airways - who took over the routes etc of the since bankrupt BMI Baby - for which I am extremely grateful. I'm sorry for the delay in contacting you but I would like to thank everyone involved (particularly Lottie) very much for all your hard work and effort.
BMI Baby - WW 1011
Reviewed by P. Beukema on 19/02/2013

Hamburg - Amsterdam

Thanks for the quick dealing in this matter, it seems to be a standard reaction from Lufthansa to reject any claim from individuals, and they don't take their customers serious. After interfering from your side, the matter is solved within time and with only one letter to Lufthansa. So it seems that you have a big influence on them and that they take you serious.
Eurowings - EW 3338
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i'm surprised that i wont get the 600 …

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i'm surprised that i wont get the 600 euros... "EU regulation 261/2004: you...

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great job! good communication, efficient and saves time!
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