Pilot cursed by Voodoo?

Hendrik Noorderhaven | February 15, 2013
Or was he just drunk?
Pilot cursed by Voodoo?

A First Officer of German airline Condor lost his mind in a very exceptional way. He must have been under the spell of evil spirits.

What happened? Just before flight DE 3163 from Jamaica to Frankfurt Airport was scheduled to take off, he ordered a glass of water at the bar. He emptied the glass in one gulp. He anxiously looked around when he realized the glass of water changed into a glass of pure Gin. Black magic? No, the pilot played poker with the safety of his passengers.

Condor Flugdienst obviously forbade him to fly. Consequently, the flight was delayed. Passengers, and EUclaim, were perplexed when Condor stated this was an extraordinary circumstance because flight safety was at risk. That flight safety was at risk, we all agree on.

However, the fact that the airline forced passengers in this situation of mysterious alchemy to start a legal procedure in order to have the airline abide by EC Regulation 261/2004 is very inappropriate. The Court in Frankfurt (case: 31 C 2765/12) thought so too.

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