Eviva España Ryanair!

What was happening on the Manchester to Palma de Mallorca route on Saturday (2 August)?  Although there was a baggage strike it doesn’t account for a staggering 14 delayed departures.

In total there was a departure delay of 24 hours and 42 minutes delay. That’s an average of 1 hours and 45 minutes delay on each flight.

Thomson was in the biggest mess with 3 of its 5 flights delayed by over 3 hours.

Only Ryanair managed to get a flight out on schedule.  We say ‘Well Done Ryanair!’

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We were left stranded in Gran caraina after two cancelled flight. No assistance was offered under EU Reg 261/2004. Since arriving home I have sent Ryanair loads of letters and faxes but they refuse to pay our accomodation costs. I have complained to my MP, the AUC, EU Ombudsman but I dont understand why no organisation will take Ryanair to task over this.Ryanair make it as difficult as possible for you to discuss a claim with them and they seem to set themselves up as Judge and jury.I am about to issue a small claims proceedings against Ryan Air Holdings… Read more »

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