Nigerian political leaders narrowly escape death as thunder strikes their flight to London

Chieftains of the All Progressive Congress, Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima and former governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki were among top Nigerian political leaders who on Thursday narrowly escaped death on a British Airways flight 082 that was struck by thunder and lightning while approaching Heathrow international airport.

With weather conditions worsening and having already been hit by lightning, the flight hovered over Heathrow for some 40 minute before running short on fuel and heading towards Birmingham airport for an emergency landing.

After attempts at fixing the thunder damaged plane failed, the passengers were loaded onto luxury busses and driven back to London, a journey that took over 4 hours, meaning many passengers missed their ongoing travel connections. 

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The full story can be found here

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James Thomsen

Lightning has never been the cause of an aircraft crash .
So dont scare the passengers


That’s really very shocking news ! It was occurred due to bad weather conditions. Bad luck for plane passengers, they would back to London.

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