Ridiculous claim rejections

Claiming a compensation from an airline is harder than it should be. Requests by passengers are often ignored or simply turned down for questionable reasons. Some reasons are laughable and some are a little pathetic, so it is good to be aware of these excuses.

Various airlines seem to tweak their terms and conditions to counter passenger rights. They seek out any loophole in the EC Regulation 261/2004 to not have to pay out any compensation. A passenger that is not aware of what exactly he or she is entitled to will believe the authoritative airline when they state that the passenger is not entitled to a compensation. Here are some of the false statements airlines have made when refusing compensations:

You are not entitled to a compensation…

You are entitled to a refund. We’ll take care of it right away!

Be especially wary of this last statement, especially when you are travelling with a low cost carrier. They will refund your ticket price, but the amount you are due in compensation can be much more then what you paid for your ticket.

When you are not sure about the grounds on which you claim was rejected by the airline, you can check your entitlements by entering your flight number and date in our claim calculator.

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