Unicorn’t be serious?

We’ are not sure whether to be amused or terrified, but news reached us of a 9 year old child being able to pass through Turkish customs with a passport suggesting she was a 37cm tall pink unicorn called Lilly Harris.

Officials at Antalya airport even stamped the travel document before waving Emily Harris through. Her mother, Nicky, rather wonderfully commented “the passport doesn’t even look real – it’s got gold teddy bears on the front and was a completely different size”. She did not mention that it was obviously different because it also had a picture of a pink unicorn inside.

Mrs Harris also went on to say “and to make it worse, the unicorn wasn’t even on holiday with us”. We wholeheartedly agree that this certainly makes it worse.

Further details – and some absolutely fantastic photographs, can be found at the Daily Mail.

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