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Did you come to London Heathrow Airport and was your flight cancelled? You may be entitled to compensation for loss of time. Do you want to know whether you have a right to compensation for loss of time? Then see if your flight to or from London Heathrow Airport is on the list of current cancellations at the bottom of the page.

Your cancelled London Heathrow flight

London Heathrow is the busiest airport in the UK making it vulnerable for flight delays and cancellations. EUclaim has private access to the Lennoc Flight Intelligence database, monitoring every flight departing from and arriving in London Heathrow every day. Therefor we know exactly what passengers are entitled to compensation for a cancelled flight.

Flight information Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is the largest airport in the UK ánd in London. The airport is known for its flights connecting Europe with the rest of the world and is a hub for flight transfers next to Frankfurt Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Heathrow is the home to British Airways and a basis for many other airlines such as Emirates, Aer Lingus and American Airlines. Heathrow is being expanded at the moment with a third runway as the airports’ capacity has reached its limit.

Your rights for a cancelled Heathrow flight

Since 2004 European Regulation 261/2004 has been in effect. This regulation was set up to protect air passenger rights when a flight is cancelled or delayed. As this is a European Regulation, your flight must meet the following criteria:

The moment that you were informed about the cancellation of your flight is also important when determining your rights:

London Heathrow Airport is in the EU meaning that if your cancelled flight was scheduled to depart from Heathrow, you are entitled to compensation when the cancellation was not caused by an extraordinary circumstance.

Example: Your flight from New York to London with British Airways is cancelled because of a technical issue. You are now entitled to €600 in compensation. If your flight was conducted by a Non-European airline such as American Airlines, you would not be entitled to compensation.

Amount of compensation for a cancelled  Heathrow flight 

The amount of compensation that you are entitled to for a cancelled London Heathrow flight is based on the distance of your flight.

Flight destinations within the EU

Flight destinations outside the EU

Recently cancelled flights to and from London Heathrow Airport

The problem flight list of Heathrow flights is compiled by our database. Our highly qualitative information ensures our strong legal position in court and has resulted in a 97% success rate.

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