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Did you fly from or to Manchester Airport and were you faced with a cancelled flight? Under Regulation 261/2004 you could be entitled to compensation going up to €600 per person. EUclaim can help you claim this compensation.

Manchester Airport flight cancellations

Manchester Airport has grown extensively over the past few years. Now flying to over 100 destinations varying from Amsterdam and Copenhagen to Dubai and Hong Kong, the airport has taken centre stage in connecting British passengers with the rest of the world. From Dubai to Las Vegas, it welcomes passengers from all over. Sometimes a flight from or to Manchester gets cancelled causing inconvenience for passengers. In that case, EUclaim can help.

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If your flight from or to Manchester Airport was cancelled, check your right to compensation with us. Solely EUclaim has access to the extensive Lennoc Flight Intelligence database, containing over 13 million flightrecords on a daily basis. By combining this data with weather and press reports we can determine your right to compensation quickly and easily. Find your recent cancellation below in our problem flight list or insert your flight details in our claim calculator to establish your rights.

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Flights at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport (MAN) the most central airport in England, making it appealing for passengers living in central England to fly from and to Manchester. The large airport conducts flights across Europe to various large cities and sunny destinations as well as flights across the world to metropoles such as Las Vegas, Dubai and Hong Kong. The airport is used by popular European airlines such as easyJet, Thomas Cook and Thomson/TUI Airlines. Also a lot of American carriers fly at Manchester Airport such as Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Your rights for a cancelled Manchester flight

Your rights as an airline passenger are protected by EU Regulation 261/2004. This Regulation ensures you are kept taken care of during a flight delay or cancellation and that you receive financial compensation when the problems with your flight were the responsibility of the airline. As this is a European Regulation, your flight must:

The moment that you were informed about the cancellation of your flight is also important when determining your rights:

Manchester is an airport in the EU. If your flight departs from Manchester Airport your flight falls under Regulation 261/2004.

Example: Your flight from Manchester to Las Vegas with Virgin Atlantic is cancelled because of a technical issue. You are now entitled to €600 (£538*) in compensation.

Amount of compensation

The amount of compensation that you are entitled to for a cancelled Manchester flight is based on the distance of your flight.

Amount of compensation

Flight destinations within the EU

Flight destinations outside the EU

*Compensation calculated January '70 rate of £1: €inf and rounded to the nearest £1. 

If your Manchester flight was cancelled by extraordinary circumstances you are not entitled to compensation. Examples of such circumstances are poor weather conditions, terrorist attacks, medical emergency landings and strikes of air traffic control or other third parties.

Manchester Airport problem flight list

The problem flight list of Manchester flights is compiled by our database. Our highly qualitative information ensures our strong legal position in court and has resulted in a 97% success rate. 

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