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Find here the Lufthansa delayed flights which have a right to compensation

Did your Lufthansa suffer a long delay? Your flightdelay may allow you to claim compensation for the loss of time. In our problem flight list below, we list the Lufthansa flights that are eligible for compensation.

Compensation for a Lufthansa delay

If your flight was delayed your rights are protected under European Regulation 261/2004. This Regulation establishes your passengerrights when flying with Lufthansa. If you arrive at your end destination with a delay of three hours or more, you could be entitled to compensation going up to €600 per person. If the reason for the delay was an extraordinary circumstance, such as poor weather condition or third party strikes, you are not entitled to compensation. 

To qualify for compensation your flight must be covered by Regulation 261/2004. Therefore you must fly:

The amount of compensation for a Lufthansa delay

Lufthansa is a German airline performing flights between the UK and Germany and connecting passengers from all over the world. For British passengers, Lufthansa is part of the Star Alliance, along with other well-known airlines such as United Airlines, Air Canada and Scandinavian Airlines. 

The amount of compensation that you are entitled to is based on the distance of your flight. This is illustrated below. 

Amount of compensation

Flight destinations within the EU

Flight destinations outside the EU

If your flight exceeds 3,500 km and your arrival delay is between three and four hours, you are entitled to 50% of the compensation amount.

Did you suffer a recent Lufthansa delay? Check your flight in our problem flight list below.

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