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Did your Norwegian Air Shuttle flight arrive late at your destination? If your delay was more than three hours, you may be entitled to compensation. Do you want to know whether you have a right to compensation for loss of time? Then see if your Norwegian Air Shuttle flight is on the list of current delays at the bottom of the page.

Norwegian applies for bankruptcy protection

On Wednesday 18 November 2020, it was announced that the airline Norwegian (DY) had filed for bankruptcy protection. The airline was already struggling with financial problems before the corona crisis, but due to the Norwegian Government’s continued lack of financial support, Norwegian now sees no other way out. By filing for bankruptcy, Norwegian hopes to get everything in order to be able to make a fresh start with, among other things, less debt and the right fleet. At present, Norwegian still operates a number of flights in Norway, and these will continue. Have you filed a claim for a delayed Norwegian flight with EUclaim? We will inform you of the situation of your claim.

Claiming compensation for your Norwegian (DY) delay

If your flight with Norwegian suffered a delay of three hours or more, you could be entitled to compensation. Most Norwegian flights operate within the EU, for which your compensation will add up to maximum €600 per person for a long flight delay. Your rights as a passenger are protected by European Regulation 261/2004. As this Regulation was established by the European Union, it only applies when:

As Norwegian is a European airline, your flight is covered by Regulation 261/2004. If your flight is delayed by a minimum of three hours, you are entitled to compensation when the flight delay was not caused by an extraordinary circumstance.

Your Norwegian (DY) flight from London to Oslo was delayed because of a technical problem with the aircraft. You arrived with a delay of 4,5 hours. You are not entitled to €250 compensation for the loss of time because London is not a city in the EU.

Norwegian flight delays

Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) is a low-cost carrier from Norway, conducting flights between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. In the UK, Norwegian Air Shuttle also performs flights from the UK across the Atlantic to New York, Chicago and Denver for example. 

Was your flight with Norwegian Air Shuttle delayed? You could be entitled to compensation up to €600 per person. You can check your Norwegian flight in our problem flight list below, or submit your flightdetails in our claim calculator. We review over 13 million flight, weather and sociopolitical data every day. This data is one of the reasons we have a 97% success rate in court.

Amount of compensation 

When you are entitled to compensation for the loss of time due to a substantial flight delay of three hours or more with Norwegian, the amount of compensation is based on the distance of the flight. 

Amount of compensation

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Flight destinations within the EU

Flight destinations outside the EU

If your flight exceeds 3,500 km and your arrival delay is between three and four hours, you are entitled to 50% of the compensation amount.

Recently delayed Norwegian Air Shuttle flights

Norwegian is a constant growing airline that continues to grow in ánd outside of Europe. In our large database we review all Norwegian flights every single day. We register detailed information about the flight alongside weather and socio-political data. We compile the evidence and use it in court if necessary. Due to our carefully collected data we have achieved a success rate of 97%.


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