European Court rules in favour of passengers missing connection outside EU

The European Court of Justice has ruled that passengers that booked connecting flights in one booking are entitled to compensation when they miss their connecting flight caused by a delay on the first flight departing the EU. The European Court is backing the passenger in this matter.

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Royal Air Maroc refused to pay compensation for missed connection case

Moroccan airline Royal Air Maroc refused to pay compensation to a passenger flying from Berlin to Agadir with a connection in Casablanca. The passenger was refused to board the second flight from Casablanca to Agadir as the flight was overbooked and her seat was given to another passenger. She arrived in Agadir with a delay of four hours. According to Royal Air Maroc, this flight does not fall under Regulation 261/2004 as the flight takes place outside of the EU.

European Court of Justice disagrees with Royal Air Maroc

The Court of Justice has ruled that connecting flights, as part of one booking, should be regarded as one flight. The place of departure for the passenger was in Berlin. The passenger was refused to board the second leg of the flight in Casablanca due to overbooking. The flight therefore falls in line with Regulation 261/2004. Royal Air Maroc has to pay financial compensation of €400 to the passenger for the loss of time.

European Court confirms ruling Court of Appeal

The British Court of Appeal ruled as such in an earlier missed connection claim against Emirates. The European Court of Justice now confirms the judgement of the Court of Appeal in such cases. EUclaim is happy with the ruling as this explains the regulation more clearly for passengers travelling partly outside of the EU.

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