Missing cutlery? The most ridiculous reasons for flight delays and cancellations revealed

As a company we hear the most interesting reasons for a delay all the time. But some of them top the list. From mouses in the cabin to missing cutlery that delays the flight, the struggle for airline passengers is real.

Missing cutlery and crew members, insects and a mouse have all caused bizarre delays and cancellations for airline passengers.

Flight compensation company EUclaim has today released a list of some of the most bizarre excuses used by airlines to delay or cancel flights.

A peculiar incident on Ryanair flight FR3475 from Malta to Eindhoven in July of this year was delayed for 24 hours due to ‘insects on the plane’.

In August of 2015 a ‘weird smell’ on easyJet flight U28652 caused delays for passengers travelling from Ibiza to Gatwick.

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