EU Regulation 261/2004

Your rights as an airline passenger

The European Commission has, since 2005, assured your rights as an airline passenger when airline companies do not meet their contractual obligations. This legislation, known as EU Regulation 261/2004, protects the rights of passengers in the case of cancellations, rerouting, delays and denied boarding.

Your rights as an airline passengerReceiving compensation from airlines under this regulation is not always easy. Airlines often claim that problems with flights are due to extraordinary circumstances. Sometimes when they do agree to pay financial compensation, it is often in the form of vouchers for future ticket purchases.

This goes against the rules of the EU Regulation. Airlines are obliged to offer passengers information describing their rights when they experience a delay, cancellation or rerouting. This seldom happens resulting in passengers not receiving the proper care and assistance. The site gives an accurate explanation of what your rights are.

The EU Regulation 261/2004 applies to all flights within the European Union, all flights departing from the EU to a country outside the Union, regardless of country of registration of the airline, and all flights arriving in an EU country and carried out by a European airline.

EU-Complaint Form

In case of cancellation, rerouting, long delay or denied boarding you could be entitled to a financial compensation up to €600 (£545*) per passenger. In order to submit a claim you have to fill out the EU-Complaint Form and send it to the airline.

*Compensation calculated August ’17 rate of £1: €1.10 and rounded to the nearest £5.




Has your flight been delayed or cancelled?

You could be entitled to up to €600 (£545*).

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Was your flight cancelled or delayed for more than three hours? Or did you miss your connection? Then you may be entitled to a compensation up to €600 (£545*). EUclaim can give you the right advice based on our extensive database of flight information, airport information and weather data. 

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*Compensation calculated August ’17 rate of £1: €1.10 and rounded to the nearest £5.


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