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If your flight was delayed or cancelled, you are entitled to compensation. We defend your rights as a passenger and assist you with your claim for compensation from the airlines.

You are legally entitled to compensation

EUclaim helps you to assert your right to compensation as an air passenger. This is a legal right based on the European Union’s Regulation EC 261/2004. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, or whether your flight was delayed or cancelled, you are entitled to compensation. We are here to defend your rights.

The compensation calculator on our website can assess in just a few seconds how much compensation you may be entitled to. EUclaim covers more than 50 percent of air traffic in Europe and has the data to provide you with an accurate advice about your flight delay. In cases where the airline can claim 'extraodinary circumstances', such as bad weather or a strike, compensation may not be due. But we will do our utmost to pursue your claim whenever possible.

Working for your air passenger rights since 2007

We are the longest running and most established defender of passenger rights in Europe. First launched in the Netherlands in 2007, EUclaim now has an office in Germany and partners in the UK. This network enables us to defend the rights of more than 50 percent of Europe’s passengers.

Another key factor that sets us apart is the extensive information that we hold in our in-house database.

With the success of cases hinging on having accurate information, EUclaim evaluates over 13 million items of data on flights, weather and sociopolitical issues every day. Around 4 million items of relevant data are then retained and archived daily for defending compensation cases. In fact, we possess more detailed and accurate information on flight movements, weather reports and strikes than any of the national supervisory authorities (e.g. the CAA in Great Britain, Germany’s "Luftfahrtbundesamt" or the Dutch "Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport"), any arbitration agency or even the airlines themselves. This database is provided by Lennoc.

The access to such a vast wealth of information enables EUclaim to challenge whether an airline can cite “extraordinary circumstances” (e.g. strike or bad weather) or whether they owe their passengers compensation.

With our data and team of specialist solicitors, EUclaim puts you on a level playing field against the airlines. We give you access to the information that can win your case for compensation and prevent the airlines from rejecting your justified claims.

In addition, asking EUclaim to pursue your compensation claim is entirely without risk . We bear all legal expenses – inclusive of any solicitor or court costs – and only receive commission if your case is successful.

Our specialist solicitors fight for you

With our expertise in handling compensation claims (based on Regulation EC 261/2004), and our team of specialist solicitors, we've achieved a success rate of over 97% at winning claims for air passengers.

To date, we have won more than € 69.4 million in compensation for affected air passengers.


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You could be entitled to up to €600 (£545*).

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Was your flight cancelled or delayed for more than three hours? Or did you miss your connection? Then you may be entitled to a compensation up to €600 (£545*). EUclaim can give you the right advice based on our extensive database of flight information, airport information and weather data. 

Enter your flight details and in just a few seconds you will know if you are entitled to a compensation. 

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*Compensation calculated August ’17 rate of £1: €1.10 and rounded to the nearest £5.


  • 325,242 passengers have benefited from our service
  • EUclaim has a success rate of 97% on all cases
  • EUclaim has already earned over € 69.4 Million for our customers
  • EUclaim works for you on a no win-no fee basis. This means no risk and no hidden costs.

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