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Published on 23-08-2017

Flight delayed for about 5 hours, but the airline was claiming a delayed departure time that was not accurate. I had no access to official records in order to rebut this so I contacted EUclaim.

Bermeo Sanchez

Published on 18-11-2017

The airline never answered my emails or calls. EUclaim did its job perfectly fine, dealt with the airline and got my money. It took a while since the airline did not seem to wanna pay, but it all ended up well.


Published on 15-07-2017

The communication was always smooth and in the end I got the money! Highly recommended!

Fay Mitchell

Published on 05-09-2017

I am delighted to have received compensation for my delayed flights all made so easy for me by EUclaim. Great company. THANK YOU!

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