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Did you suffer a flight delay with Thomas Cook? Did your Thomas Cook flight arrive late at your destination? If you arrived with a delay of more than three hours, you may be entitled to compensation. Eager to know whether you have a right to compensation due to loss of time? Check if your Thomas Cook flight is displayed on our problem flight list below.

Thomas Cook (MT) files for bankruptcy

On Monday, September 23 2019, Thomas Cook (MT) filed for bankrupcty following months of financial difficulty. Over 600.000 passengers are stranded by the sudden seize of operation. The Civial Aviation Authority is working on flying all 150.000 affected British holidaymakers home. EUclaim can no longer accept claims for compensation regarding Thomas Cook delays or cancellations. 

Claiming compensation for a delayed Thomas Cook flight?

With Thomas Cook It regularly happens that flights arrive at their destinations with delays. That’s why Regulation 261/2004 was introduced and has been in effect since 2005. This Regulation establishes your rights as an airline passenger. In order to be entitled to claim compensation for a delayed flight, the following criteria must apply:

Thomas Cook is a European airline company, so if your flight suffers a delay exceeding three hours and there are no extraordinary circumstances, you are entitled to compensation which can go up to €600 per person.

Example: Your flight with Thomas Cook from London Gatwick to Ibiza suffers a delay of 8 hours. No extraordinary circumstances apply. You are entitled to a compensation of €400 per person.

Thomas Cook delays

Unfortunately Thomas Cook flights can be affected by long delays. The holiday carrier is known for its holiday flights to various European and some transatlantic destinations. Passengers often book package holidays with Thomas Cook.

Amount of compensation

The amount of compensation you are entitled to when delayed is determined by flight distance:

Amount of compensation

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Flight destinations within the EU

Flight destinations outside the EU

*Compensation calculated January '70 rate of £1: €inf and rounded to the nearest £1.

With a flight distance of 3,500 km or more and a delay of between three and four hours, you are entitled to 50% of the compensation amount.

Recently delayed Thomas Cook flights

Thomas Cook is one of the largest holiday carriers in the UK. Every year millions of British holiday makers choose to fly with Thomas Cook to their holiday destination. Sometimes these flights suffer delays. EUclaim reviews over 13 million flights every day combining them with current weather reports and socio-political data to establish the most accurate information for each individual flight. We assess this information carefully and present it as evidence in court if necessary.

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