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Was your flight with TUI, previously known as Thomsonfly, delayed for more than three hours? You could be entitled to compensation adding up to €600! Check your recent TUI Airways delay on our problem flight list at the bottom of the page or insert your flight details in our calculator.

Flights between Birmingham and Dalaman delayed on 22 May

On Wednesday 22 May, TUI flights between Birmingham (BHX) and Dalaman (DLM) were delayed for a long time. The flight BY757 even had a delay of more than 12 hours! Passengers on flights BY756 and BY757 are entitled to compensation for the time lost.

In the weekend from 17 to 19 May, ten TUI flights suffered long delays. Most of the flightdelays concerned the airport of Manchester.

Recent TUI flight delays in May

Date Flightnumber From To
17 May BY355 Dalaman Airport (DLM) Newcastle Airport (NCL)
17 May BY2511 Varna Airport
Manchester Airport (MAN)
17 May BY2536 Manchester Airport (MAN) Madeira Airport
17 May BY7580 East Midlands Airport (EMA) Tenerife Airport (TFS)
17 May BY2596 Manchester Airport (MAN) Burgas Airport (BOJ)
17 May BY2537 Madeira Airport
Manchester Airport (MAN)
17 May BY2510 London Gatwick Airport (LGW) Varna Airport
17 May BY2511 Varna Airport
Manchester Airport (MAN)
18 May BY2632 Manchester Airport (MAN) Olbia Airport (OLB)
18 May BY2633 Olbia Airport (OLB) Manchester Airport (MAN)
22 May BY756 Birmingham Airport (BHX) Dalaman Airport (DLM)
22 May BY757 Dalaman Airport (DLM) Birmingham Airport (BHX)
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Claiming compensation for a TUI delay?

As any regular holiday airline, every once in a while TUI (BY) is faced with long flight delays. Arriving late to your end destination is something that affects passengers on a daily basis. That’s why Regulation 261/2004 was introduced and has been in effect since 2005. This Regulation establishes your rights as an airline passenger. In order to claim compensation for a delayed TUI flight, you must meet a few requirements:

TUI Airways is a European airline. Therefor your rights are covered by Regulation 261/2004 if your flight is delayed by three hours or more. If the flight is not delayed due to extraordinary circumstances your compensation can add up to €600 depending on the distance of your flight.

Example: Your TUI flight from Manchester to Mallorca suffers a delay of 4 hours. No extraordinary circumstances are detected by EUclaim. You are entitled to a compensation of €400 per person.

TUI (BY) delays

UK Holiday carrier TUI Airways, previously known as Thomsonfly, is part of the TUI group en conducts flights between the UK and various vacation destinations. Most passengers using the services of TUI booked a package holiday with TUI. If your flight with TUIwas delayed recently, you can check your entitlements below in our problem flight list.

Amount of compensation for your delay

The amount of compensation you are entitled to when your flight is delayed is determined by the distance of your flight.

Amount of compensation

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Flight destinations within the EU

Flight destinations outside the EU

With a flight distance of 3,500 km or more and a delay of between three and four hours, you are entitled to 50% of the compensation amount.

*Compensation calculated May '19 rate of £1: €1,16 and rounded to the nearest £1.

EUclaim evaluates recently delayed TUI flights

Over 13 million flights are reviewed by EUclaim every single day. Combining flight data with weather and press reports in our extensive database, we at EUclaim can determine your right to compensation quickly for each individual TUI flight. Using this important information we have guaranteed ourselves a solid reputation with the airlines and achieved a success rate of 97% in court.

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