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We assert your right to compensation in accordance with the European Union's Regulation EC 261/2004 on air passenger rights.

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Since February 2004 your rights as an air passenger within the EU have been regulated by the EU Regulation EC 261/2004. This clearly defines your rights in the event of a flight delay, flight cancellation or a denied boarding, and the airline’s obligations. It is on this legal basis that EUclaim asserts your right to compensation – at no financial risk to you whatsoever.

To assert your claim, both legal knowledge and a vast array of information are required. This is information that neither you nor your solicitor are likely to have access to. EUclaim has acces to a detailed database, provided by Lennoc, which evaluates over 13 million items of data on flights, weather and sociopolitical issues every day. With the help of this data, we can accurately check whether you have a right to compensation, or whether an airline can indeed cite "extraordinary circumstances".

We offer a quick, easy and risk free way of claiming the compensation you are owed. We take care of every step of the process, saving you the near impossible task of collecting all the data and completing the complex paperwork on your own. Our process is easier and more efficient than claiming compensation directly from the airlines or through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) yourself.

With a network that covers half of all flights in Europe, we are an industry leader at winning compensation for flight passengers. Discover why EUclaim is feared by the airlines and applauded by over 325,242 passengers for standing up for their rights.

Even when the legal position is absolutely clear, airlines often try to reject justified claims. However, this hasn’t deterred our experienced team of specialist solicitors from winning compensation of € 69.4 million for our customers.

What EUclaim costs

We work for you on a no win-no-fee basis and represent your interests as an air passenger against the airline. This means there is no upfront cost involved. Even if your case progresses to court, you will not bear any solicitor or court costs. There is no risk and you can only gain money through using our service. You only pay us commission if we win your case at a rate of 25% excl. VAT, and a flat-rate handling charge of £25 incl. VAT per claimer.

For more information please refer to our GT&C.

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You could be entitled to up to €600 (£545*).

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Was your flight cancelled or delayed for more than three hours? Or did you miss your connection? Then you may be entitled to a compensation up to €600 (£545*). EUclaim can give you the right advice based on our extensive database of flight information, airport information and weather data. 

Enter your flight details and in just a few seconds you will know if you are entitled to a compensation. 

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*Compensation calculated August ’17 rate of £1: €1.10 and rounded to the nearest £5.


  • 325,242 passengers have benefited from our service
  • EUclaim has a success rate of 97% on all cases
  • EUclaim has already earned over € 69.4 Million for our customers
  • EUclaim works for you on a no win-no fee basis. This means no risk and no hidden costs.

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